How america became a global superpower essay

These alliances implied that these two nations were part of an emerging bipolar world, in contrast with a previously multipolar world.


Supported democracies and anti-Communist dictatorships around the world. USA is a large country with tonnes of valuable resources required to boost the manufacturing sector, Silicon Valley being the best example of it.

High standard of living with accessibility to many manufactured goods. The decline in US pre-eminence would be clear from the data on industrial production. This plan had helped the European economies to recover to their pre-war levels within a very short period.

Possessed bases around the world, particularly in an incomplete "ring" bordering the Warsaw Pact to the West, South and East. These paratroopers stayed there for the entire duration of the school year.

America was established as a Great Power. Twenty-two first-class battleships LaFeber, These three factors are the reasons behind the United States dropping the atomic bomb on Japan, as they unknowingly and unintentionally began the nuclear age and the Cold War.

America also exerted other forms of power. Supported Communist and socialist countries around the world. These officials were believed to have entered into the illegal deals with the approval of the president. Its main purpose is the security of American people and the policymakers of America have kept into consideration the confidential information provided by the CIA to ensure a safe future for their citizens.

The 7 Reasons America Became A Great Power

Large arms industry production with global distribution. Our Founding Fathers understood this and were fanatical about small, decentralized government. The Roots of American Economic Growth A major factor behind their rise was the Vietnam War which had created a powerful anti-war movement.

Possessed bases around the world, particularly in an incomplete "ring" bordering the Warsaw Pact to the West, South and East.


We never hear of demonstrations and protests within the US. However, the legal rights by themselves were not very effective and the civil rights movement increasingly became a radical movement. The movement extended to other areas and took new forms.

Secondly, to pacify the Dominican civil war while obstructing potential foreign interventions. One-party system with the Far-left Communist Party having an institutionalized monopoly of power.

In the s, about 33 per cent of African Americans, about 20 per cent Hispanics or Spanish-speaking inhabitants and immigrants from Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc. Economic benefits such as guaranteed employment, free healthcare, free education provided to all levels of society, though were frequently below Western standards such as in health care.

Ties with paramilitary and guerrilla groups in the developing world. American Foreign Policy and Process.

InMartin Luther King was assassinated. The United States was not always a great military power, but once the Civil War was over, we started to assert ourselves. The US faith in her world supremacy had been first shaken when in the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik, its first satellite in space.

Despite the lack of a dedicated Constitutional Courtjudicial review of laws has been vested in the Supreme Court by judicial precedent.

In July ofthey tested the nuclear bomb in New Mexico. Vast resources were made available to the space research programme. Woodrow Wilson and World War I. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers: The protest began in Montgomery in the state of Alabama where the African American people started a boycott of buses.

Through the US-led troops were victorious, Iraq was not occupied. On the refusal of the US, the Iranians held many Americans as hostages.

America helped prevent a possible disintegration of China, setting conditions for advantageous Sino-American relations. The hostages were finally released in early when the US returned the Iranian assets in US banks which had been frozen by the US government earlier.

It's not an accident that America became a great power. It's because of these seven reasons.

10 Reasons why America is a big Superpower

1) Judeo-Christian Ethics: When people. 10 Reasons why America is a big Superpower. Article by deeksha rawat, December 31, The undoubted ruler of the planet earth today is the United States of America, and why not, it has everything in the world required for being the super most power.

A ‘superpower’ is a country that wields enough military, political and economic might to convince nations in all parts of the world to do things they otherwise wouldn’t.

Essay about America as a superpower Words 14 Pages The United States has been a super power for decades, and since America has always involved themselves in other countries' problems.

To understand how the United states rose to its current state of being a superpower, we have to understand it colonization years. O’Brien (), in details, analyzed the years when the United States was under the rule of the Great Britain.

3) Western Culture: If the entire population of Venezuela, Iran, or South Africa were here in the United States and all of us were gone, this country would quickly turn into a pesthole, just like.

How america became a global superpower essay
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