Teaching strategies in writing activities

Instructional methods that emphasize spelling patterns by grouping words with similar patterns are effective. Why do people browse online articles, read blog posts and surf the web. Is your typing fast enough. Use a word processor and spellchecker Allow students to type their writing in a word processor such as Microsoft Word.

The site contains quizzes, lesson plans for the primary, intermediate and high school levels, geography literacy games, and links to additional lesson in cyberspace. Teachers First Lesson Plans. Think of all the ways you use writing — from shopping lists, to thank-you notes, to email — and engage your child in those activities.

Objectives, procedures, and documents are included for each lesson plan. Includes links to other educational resources. Historical Records in the Classroom.

Click on browse activities by theme for a list of K-8 plans. It should intrigue the reader. Provides activities for geography, history, citizenship, economics, cultures and general social studies. Kulture Kids African American Culture. Acknowledging what pupils have achieved is important in maintainig high levels of motivation.

For a variety of on-line museum primary source artifacts for you to use for different purposes in your classroom, select Gallery of Artifacts.

Timing is Everything Image source Timeliness cuts through the fog of an oversaturated internet. Teachers can use this chapter with its accompanying Internet based lesson plans in place of a standard textbook or they can use it to supplement existing social studies materials. Follow up with whole group discussion and continue with the lesson.

There are some excellent resources to support modelling of specific technical and academic language which can save you reinventing the wheel. History and suitable for grades Monotone text is dull. History Channel Classroom Materials. Teach students how to use the spell checker and grammar checker to assist in editing the writing.

36 Awesome Anchor Charts for Teaching Writing

Provide each student with an index card. Look for an online contest like from Myhero. Every student participates Standing up — that little bit of physical activity — can be enough to increase student engagement and get their focus back on the work at hand Leaning together helps keep the noise level down while so many student groups are having conversations at once Can be used as needed with no prior planning — If a lesson is dragging, if students are distracted, tired, or not paying attention, use this strategy to get them back on track and refocused.

It reduces their search time — it has everything they need, all in one place. Make this chart applicable to older students by expanding on each aspect with a specific audience or goal.

Try using a story map to motivate students and get them writing. Each plan consists of purpose, goals, materials, procedures, assessment, extensions and resources. Developed by Patricia King Robeson and Barbara Yingling, and sponsored by the Council on Economic Education in Maryland and the Maryland Geographic Alliance, the site provides lesson plans suitable for grades 1 through 5.

They include "Just a Dream: The site was developed by Brad Bowerman, a teacher from Jermyn, Pennsylvania, and is appropriate for students in K To make the 9 Make A Word activity you will need 3 wooden blocks.

John Muir Day Study Guide. Short daily practice sessions minutes followed by application in meaningful writing tasks are most effective. Goal Ranking and Matching – Students rank their goals for the class, then instructor combines those with her own list.

Interest/Knowledge/Skills Checklist – Assesses interest and preparation for the course, and can help adjust teaching agenda. Here are a few teaching strategies to help struggling students get excited about writing.

Strategies for Improving Handwriting

Using Model Strategies for Integrating Technology into Teaching In an effort to implement the NETS for Teachers across the university, many methods and strategies have been identified. As with many teaching strategies, there are common methods in using. Teaching in Today’s Political Climate Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning.

This year’s Fall Forum on Teaching and Learning will address the complexity and challenges of teaching in a time of increasing political polarization.

New paragraph anchor chart Find this Pin and more on Writing Strategies & Activities by Sandra Rief. Second grade writing: When to start a new paragraph The Conventions trait is the mechanical correctness of the writing and includes five elements: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar/usage, and paragraphing.

We know that students learn best when they are truly engaged in what they are learning, when they have the opportunity to explore, debate, discuss, examine, defend, and experiment with the concepts and skills they are ready to learn.

Teaching strategies in writing activities
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